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5 Ways To Use Messenger As A Marketing Tool

Facebook just rolled out Messenger Ads globally After successfully testing Messenger ads in Australia and Thailand, the company has rolled out ads in its Messenger platform »

Google Attribution: The Easy Way To Really Undestand Your Marketing Efforts

Google says goodbye to "last-click" attribution models with their new tool "Google Attribution". It is based on AI and machine learning, and »

SuperApps Are Coming: What Any Business Owner Should Know About WeChat

CC by liewcf In China there's no Facebook, no Twitter, and no Google. Instead, there are rip-offs of all of them, and also some unique and »

Time-Saving Custom Analytics Dashboards For Ecommerce

Photo credit: Alan O'Rourke via Visualhunt / CC BY Sometimes, the default Dashboard is simply not enough. Google Analytics is an excellent tool to measure your success »

5 Elements Your Digital Campaign Plan Should Have

Are you about to start a new campaign? These are the top-recommended practices of marketing experts to plan successful campaigns. “SMART” campaign goals SMART stands for »

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