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10 Tips That Will Improve Your Product Photography

(Without hiring a photographer) Good product photography can be the difference between indifferent and engaged customers; between being ignored on the Internet, and becoming the centre »

8 Quirky And Fun Stories of Brands Surprising and Delighting Their Customers

“Any business with delighted customers has a sales force they won’t have to pay; You don’t see them, but they are talking to people »

Introducing Ebba, Your Personal Shop Assistant on Facebook Messenger

Please meet Ebba, our new Ecommerce chatbot to bring your store to Facebook Messenger. Read more: Facebook chat bots, what are they, how do you make »

Building an online store in 10 minutes using Tictail or Shopify

Tictail and Shopify are possibly the best options available to help sellers to create their own custom and scalable eCommerce shops. Using them, it is possible »

Inspiration: 5 Checkout Flows That Convert, And What They're Doing Right

A bad checkout experience can ruin an e-commerce site. The following websites can serve you as inspiration on how to lead your customers through it. Read »

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