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How To Use Google Optimize For Easy A/B Tests

What's an A/B Test? A/B Tests are very common in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and it's easy to understand why. They are used to »

How Much Are Automatic Customer Service Responses Worth?

As you can probably tell by our blog and social media channels, we are big fans of chatbots- that, and any other tools that help retailers »

3 Questions Your Support Team Is Sick Of Hearing

Customer support is time-consuming, exhausting, and it can be a thankless job. And it's about time that changes for the better, for both employees and clients. »

SuperApps Are Coming: What Any Business Owner Should Know About WeChat

CC by liewcf In China there's no Facebook, no Twitter, and no Google. Instead, there are rip-offs of all of them, and also some unique and »

According To These Statistics, Customers Want To Chat With Your Company

In order to understand the increasing number of users that are joining messaging apps, Facebook IQ commissioned Nielsen a study. The aim of this research was »