3 Questions Your Support Team Is Sick Of Hearing

Customer support is time-consuming, exhausting, and it can be a thankless job. And it's about time that changes for the better, for both employees and clients.

The thing is, clients' questions tend to be repetitive. Many people who don't seem to know FAQs sections even exist, or they refuse to take the time to browse through them to find an answer to their doubts. Thus, a customer service rep needs to do it.
We think there should be an automated system to solve those frequent questions, so humans can focus on the real issues. On the people who are reaching out not because they didn't read the FAQs, but because they're having a real problem that's having a negative impact on their customer experience.

If your customer support team isn't mentally exhausted from answering the same questions all the time, they will be able to do a better job when it matters. Let them focus on turning bad experiences into delightful ones.

According to what we've learned from the retailers who use our feed automation services, these are the top 3 most common questions that customer support teams have to deal with, and some tips to handle them better.

"How can I return this purchase?"

Ill-fitting clothing, a damaged item, or a gift that didn't meet the expectations of the gifted person- there are many reasons for customers to return something. And they know it.
An inconvenient system to process returns or expensive return rates can make your potential customers think it twice before making a purchase.

According to the 2016 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper, returns are three times more frequent for online retailers, and returns are an area of very low satisfaction among shoppers, although there's been a modest increase in satisfaction from 2015 to 2016.

So, what can you do to improve their experience?*

  1. Avoid making shoppers pay for the return shipping. Free returns shipping is the most important element for a positive experience.
  2. The second most important element is making your policy hassle-free, make it simple enough for anyone to understand.
  3. Make return labels easy to print, or place them directly inside the delivery's box to make it even more convenient.
  4. Don't keep shoppers waiting for their refund.

*Data from the 2016 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper.

"Why haven't I received my purchase yet?"

Sometimes, a small delay is no big deal. Other times, a small delay can mean a gift not arriving on time. And no matter what, big delays will always be annoying.

Ideally, your website should include an in-house tracking system to let your customers know whether the package has been sent, if there have been any unexpected delays, and when they can expect the delivery.

If you can't offer this, at least send them a tracking code to know where the item is through the system of your delivery service of choice.

"I regret my purchase, how can I get a refund?"

Quick and easy refunds are as important as returns. Big retailers such as Amazon are experts at this, they know how valuable it is to make these processes as painless as possible. Try to get a refund for an ebook that wasn't exactly what you expected. It's as easy as two clicks. Full refund, no questions asked.

The same that we mentioned for returns stays true for refunds. 95% of online customers would purchase again from merchants who provide a good return experience.
This means your refund policy should be easy to understand, easy to find, and convenient.

The process of refunding money can be as tricky as handling the logistics of returns or exchanges. Customers still want the process to be faster. Most of them expect their refund to be processed in under a week.

The good news: All three can be automated

These three questions can be easily answered knowing the tracking information of every item and your companies' refund and return policies.

They aren't the only questions that your support team answers over and over again. Your opening hours, information on special offers and discounts, product availability... All of them are common questions, and all of them are easy to automate.

Our suggestion? Ecommerce chatbots. In particular, our AI assistant, Ebba. It's fast, convenient, and friendly too.

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