How To Add A 'Shop Section' To Your Facebook Page

How To Add A 'Shop Section' To Your Facebook Page | Feedeo | Pikers featured shop section and tab
Screencapture from Pikers' Facebook page.

Setting up a shop section on your business' Facebook page to display your products is easy.
It allows you to feature specific products along with their price, as well as special offers and discounts. And what's best: Customers can select their favourite item and go straight to the checkout, in one click.

Another example to see it in action: American Kennel Club's Facebook shop.

Keep reading to know how to set your own shop.

1. Click on "+ Add Shop Section"

How To Add A 'Shop Section' To Your Facebook Page | Feedeo | 1st Click on Add Shop Section

Look for the "Add Shop Section" link, which should be at the bottom of your page's tabs, on the left-side column. After you create your shop, it will appear there as another section tab.

Note: Shop sections are new feature being tested. If you can't see the link, maybe it's not available to you yet.

If you are using Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Wix, or Magento as e-commerce solutions for your business, then all you'll have to do to start selling on Facebook is to import your products.
If you use Bigcommerce, follow the link for specific instructions.

2. Fill in the required information

How To Add A 'Shop Section' To Your Facebook Page | Feedeo | 2nd Fill in the information to set up your shop

Before you begin, read the Merchant Terms and Policies, check if you agree to them, and continue. Then, Facebook may ask you to reenter your password for security purposes.

You will have to fill in a form with your business's physical address and email address.

Uncheck the "Use the same email address for customer service" box if you'd like to use separate email addresses for customer service and receiving updates.

Stripe is the a Facebook partner company that enables payments on your Page. You need a Stripe account in order to receive payments.

  • If you already have a Stripe account: Click the "Connect to an existing Stripe account" link and follow the steps on Stripe's website.
  • If you don't have a Stripe account: click Submit. You will receive an email from Stripe with further instructions.

3. Start adding products

How To Add A 'Shop Section' To Your Facebook Page | Feedeo | Add products to your Facebook shop

Now that your Shop section is ready, enter it and click on "Add Product". This is the information required:

  • Images (and videos, if you have) of the product.

  • Tips for images: Use images that have a resolution of 1024 x 1024 or higher, in square format.

  • Keep it simple and show the whole product clearly. Images can't contain CTAs, watermarks, advertising material, offensive content, or time-sensitive information, like limited promotions.

  • Product's name, price and description.

  • Tips for descriptions: Descriptions should be grammatically correct, concise and fast to read.

  • Descriptions can't contain HTML, contact information, long titles, or links to external sites. According to Facebook's official guidelines, btw, they can't contain book or movie spoilers either.

  • How many of the same product you have in stock.

  • Variants. For example, if you need to add several sizes of the same product. One product can't have more than 4 variants, but one variant can contain as many options as needed.

  • Recommendations for variants: Don't use abbreviations like "S" or "L". Instead, write "Small" and "Large".

  • Use variants instead of listing one product multiple times.

  • Shipping options.

You can add a product but keep it hidden if you wish using the "Visibility" option.

On the Advanced Options tab you can create a custom tax rate for a product.

4. Organize your products using collections

How To Add A 'Shop Section' To Your Facebook Page | Feedeo | Organize your shop using collections
Example of collections at the American Kennel Club's shop section.

Scrolling down through a long list of unorganized products can be messy; that's why you'll need collections.
In order to add a collection, enter your Shop section, click the dropdown, and select "Manage Shop". Click on the "Collections" link, and then "Add Collection".

Manage Shop > Collections > Add Collection

Information required:

  • Name of the collection.
  • Visibility.
  • Featured or not. Your featured collection will appear at the top of your Shop. Keep in mind that only the first 10 products of the featured collection will be displayed there.

Now, you'll need to add products to the collection: Check the boxes next to those you want to add. When you're ready, click Save.

Once you have your collections ready, you can add products directly to a collection by clicking the "Add Product" button next to it.

5. Start managing orders

In order to get paid, you'll need to know how to manage the orders you receive via your Facebook page. Go to the Shop section, click the gear button and select "Manage Shop". There you will see lonks to your Pending and Past Orders.

Manage Shop > Pending Orders

Here you will find a list of your orders, which you will have to manage one at a time. You get paid for an order once you mark it as shipped, by selecting "Ship Order" from the Actions dropdown on top of the list. You can also cancel orders and contact clients from there.

If your page is in the US, and you let people complete their purchase via Facebook, Stripe, or PayPal, once you mark the order shipped, the money will be transfered to your bank account. In case of using other payment methods, when you receive the money will depend on the specific system you use. This will be the case for now if your page is outside of the US.

Manage Shop > Past Orders

Go there in order to send refunds to your clients, by clicking on "Refund Order" on the Actions dropdown. You can also enter this section in order to contact clients whose orders have already been shipped.

6. Get insights

This also changes depending on whether you have your Page in the US.

If you have your page in the US, just go to the Insights section of your page and you will find there is a Shop tab on the menu on the left.
Insights > Shop

If you're outside the US, go to "Publishing Tools" at the top of your page, then click the "Shop" tab on the left, and click "Products".
Publishing Tools > Shop > Products

Screencaps: See it in action

How To Add A 'Shop Section' To Your Facebook Page | Feedeo | Checkout example Step 1
This is what a product with different variations looks like after you click on it on Facebook. Let's click on the "Check Out on Website" button...

How To Add A 'Shop Section' To Your Facebook Page | Feedeo | Checkout example Step 2

It goes directly to the checkout, no need to select the item again on the website, or to log in.

We hope you found this information useful. We'll keep you informed on future updates to sell your products on Facebook and other social networks.

For further information, go to Facebook's Advertiser Help Center.
Remember that you can contact us via @FeedeoHQ, Facebook, and on our support page.

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