Introducing Ebba, Your Personal Shop Assistant on Facebook Messenger

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Please meet Ebba, our new Ecommerce chatbot to bring your store to Facebook Messenger.

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Thanks to her, your customers will be able to ask for information and purchase items directly via Facebook chat, in an instant. They won't need to install any new app, go to your site, or wait for a sales rep to be available. Your Facebook messages will become an automated sales tool, working 24/7.

Unlike other bots, Ebba is friendly, speaks multiple languages, and even remembers your clients' preferences! It's almost like talking to a human. Let us show you how it works on our Facebook testing page, VirutalKanellbulle, a store that sells delicious cinnamon buns and rolls.

Product search

Customer: "Hi! Do you have anything with cinnamon?"

Customers can start a conversation on your Facebook page in order to ask for specific products. Ebba will search through your database to find those that match the request, and in case the client is not satisfied she will give them some prompts to narrow the options. For example, asking for a preferred budget, colours, etc. She will remember the client's preferences to make future queries agiler.
You can use this information about past queries and preferences in the future, to send personal promotions to target clients.

Note that Facebook users will never see the Ebba logo or anything of the sort. It will always be just your page answering to them. The chatbot software will be doing its job quietly, backstage.

In-store location support

Customer: "I'm at the shop- where are the cinnamon buns?"

If your store is big enough to have your products' location also in the database, then Ebba can even give directions to customers and point them to the exact shelf to find a product.
She also can inform them of whether a product is currently in stock or not at a specific store, in order to save them the trip. Or recommend them another physical store of yours where the product is available.
What if the product isn't currently in stock? Then, since Ebba can remember the query, she'll inform the customer as soon as it's available again.

Customer support

Customer: "So, could you ship this to my address? How much would it cost?"

Ebba will be your first line of defence as customer support.
She can understand questions and answer them using information from your FAQs and guides, in order to solve basic issues in a moment.
If someone asks for your shipping rates, the exact measures of a product, where the closest physical store is, or when it opens, Ebba's got you covered 24/7.

Staff support

Employee: "Please find location and details for item #00999"

Ebba can teach your new employees where products are located, details about every product, and she can provide them with answers to almost any question they might have during their first days. All they'll need is their mobile phone.

“I think [chatbots] make it more natural for customers to engage with your product or service,” Ms. Davis, The Home Depot

Ebba is very clever, and she already knows how to do all of these things. As soon as she learns the specific information about your store and products, she'll be ready to start working in the name of your company.
Remember that for your branding's sake, your clients won't see the Ebba logo.
Contact us and we'll guide you on how to customize the chatbot for your business. No coding required!

It was about time artificial intelligence allowed us to make online shopping a faster and more personal experience.

If you want to know more about Ebba, send us a message, or follow us via @EbbaAI, @FeedeoHQ, and Facebook.
Don't forget to check Ebba's official page. We're currently hiring humans to make her even smarter.

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