Google Analytics 360 Suite: What To Expect

On March 15th, Google announced the release of a new set of products that promises to be a game-changer for marketers. Its various technologies serve to integrate all the extensive data collected by Google and interpret it using intelligent algorithms.

The complete Suite includes six products, four of which are brand-new. They have been designed to address the specific needs of enterprise marketers. By integrating them with other products like AdWords, DoubleClick, and other 3rd-party platforms, it is possible to deliver useful experiences to the right consumers easily.

In other words: it transforms your consumer journey's data into intelligent information to put to action.

This is what the Suite contains:

  • Google Analytics 360. This is the unchanged Google Analytics Premium. It will remain as the centerpiece of the suite to measure all customer data. The only changes announced so far are a new look in the coming months, to make it feel consistent with the rest.
  • Google Tag Manager 360. An enterprise version of their tag management product. It is expected to have better workflows and support service. In addition to it, Google is about to release Google Tag Manager for real world tags.
  • Google Optimize 360 (BETA). A testing product to customize the user's web experience. It helps choose and serve the version of the site that works best for the correct audience.
  • Google Audience Center 360 (BETA). Google's data management platform (DMP) to better understand customers across channels, devices and campaigns. One of the benefits it has when compared to other similar services is its native integration with Google's tools. It has direct access to Analytics, DoubleClick, and Google Optimise 360, as well as third-party data providers.
  • Google Attribution 360 (BETA). This product used to be known as Adometry, but it has gone through a complete rebuild. It serves to include external information and factors to help advertisers designate budgets and assess the value of their efforts across different channels, devices, and systems.
  • Google Data Studio 360 (BETA). The visualization tool that integrates data across all of the suite products and third-party sources. It helps marketers visualize, share and collaborate, in a way that is based on Google Docs.

How much will it cost?

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager will still be free as they have always been, but the new advanced products are paid tools. GA 360 starts from $150,000 per year, and according to Performics' blog, these might be the cost models for the rest:

  • Audience Center 360: Cost per cookie / Period + Setup.
  • Data Studio 360: Cost of data storage + Computing resources.
  • Tag Manager360: Annual license fee.
  • Optimise 360: Page view based licensing.

When will it be available?

The four newest products -Audience Center, Optimize, Data Studio and Tag Manager-, are available for some lucky companies in limited beta, and there is no official global launch date.

About the other products, Google Analytics Premium and Adometry users should expect to see the new '360 Suite' look in the coming months.

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