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5 Ways To Use Messenger As A Marketing Tool

Facebook just rolled out Messenger Ads globally After successfully testing Messenger ads in Australia and Thailand, the company has rolled out ads in its Messenger platform »

Google Attribution: The Easy Way To Really Undestand Your Marketing Efforts

Google says goodbye to "last-click" attribution models with their new tool "Google Attribution". It is based on AI and machine learning, and »

3 Lessons Retailers Can Learn From "Personal Style" Services

Photo by Flazingo Photos / CC-by-sa Personal shopping is a growing trend, both online and offline. Professionals and companies dedicated to these services edit and sort items »

5 Inspiring Companies Doing Omni-Channel Right

What's Omnichannel? Omni-channel solutions bring together online, offline and mobile shopping to provide a unique, seamless experience. The goal is to achieve a better overall shopping »

How To Adapt Your SEO Strategy To Voice Search

By Google's estimations, half of queries will be voice search by 2020. People are getting used to this new way of interacting with their devices, particularly »